&NOW Conference this weekend!

&NOW friendlies, I’ll be participating in two events:

Saturday, Oct 6, 1-2:25p, ‘From Condensary to Essay,’ with Sarah RosenthalJennifer Firestone & DanaTeen Lomax (119 DeBartolo Hall): Four poets who have entered the lush field of the essay read their prose pieces. Drawn to more expansive expression, the poets need to spell things out, clear things up, take a different kind of responsibility, reach other parts of the polis and other parts of readers’ minds. In the spirit of experimental trials, these essays endeavor to enlist fact and reason while embodying some of poetry’s most potent qualities and/or directly addressing the deeper essence of what Lorine Niedecker termed poetry’s condensary. As in, assay, as say, as sing.

Sunday, Oct 7, 9-10:25a, ‘Heroes & Collective Resistance,’ with Cynthia Arrieu-King, Soham Patel & Mg Roberts (102 DeBartolo Hall): This panel will spark a discussion about the idea of the hero as a collective rather than an individualized role. We´ll do so by opening a dialogue on collective and communal protagonists working for good. These include contemporary narratives in cross-genre, fiction, poetry, speculative poetry as resistance, graphic novel, television shows, etc. We want to bring our thoughts about hero collectives in existing media and our experiences as community activists and teachers to bear on a fruitful discussion about what it means to be together working for a common good. What traits and conditions seem emblematic of collective heroes in media? Why do these matter? How might these inspire us-ness in real life?






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