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Thinking Its Presence: ‘Troubled Lineage & Genrequeer Form’ & ‘The Raced Pronoun’

October 20, 2017

Dear TIP-sters!

Here’s where I’ll be at TIP:

Friday, Oct 20, 2017:

2-3:50p Troubled Lineage & Genrequeer Form, Education North, University of Arizona Poetry Center (with Shamala Gallagher, Larissa Lai, Trish Salah, Addie Tsai, moderated by Ching-In Chen)

What is the “ephemera of evidence” (or troubled lineages) from which we as trans/genderqueer/queer makers draw from? What is the relationship amongst experimental aesthetics, speculation and representation in relation to our built structures? How do we consider questions of tradition and belonging within this lineage? This innovative presentation (reading/performance/panel) gathers trans/genderqueer/queer writers/artists/performers/theorists to investigate the genrequeer or cross-genre form in QTPOC cultural production.

7p Thinking Its Presence Board Presents, Theater at Poetry Center, University of Arizona Poetry Center (with Vidhu Aggarwal, Ching-In Chen, Lisa Jarrett, Farid Matuk, Lehua Taitano) – Join the TIP board as we share creative work & reflections!

Saturday, Oct 21, 2017:

11a-12:50p The Raced Pronoun, Poetry Center Classroom 205, University of Arizona Poetry Center (with Ching-In Chen, Jai Dulani, Soham Patel, Mg Roberts, Bishakh Som)

This panel is in response to the 2015 AWP panel entitled, “I Am We As You Are Me: Exploring Pronouns In Experimental Poetry,” where the question of whether pronouns are raced was discussed. This hybrid performance seeks to explore questions of intersections of race, diaspora, embodiment and language through Asian American responses to pronoun shifts and usage which evoke the bodily materiality of language and identity in multiple selves and contexts. What does it mean, as Sara Ahmed writes, to “live it” in everyday situations?