Women’s & Queer Hour @ Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon

Dear friendlies, I’ll be reading this Saturday in the annual Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon.

Over 150 poets and writers from Milwaukee and environs will participate from 10am-1am at Woodland Pattern – 720 E Locust St in Milwaukee.

I’ll be reading during the 10pm Queer Hour with Soham Patel, Tobias Wray, Noel Pabillo Mariano, Todd Wellman, Siwar Masannat, Liz Weinstein, Carina Gia Farrero, Rachel Niemann & Elisa Karbin.

I’m hosting the 9pm Women’s Hour (where Cassie Nicholson, Chelsea Wait, Nakeysha Roberts Washington, Dawn Tefft, Freesia McKee, Albulena Shabani, Bethany Price, Wendy Vardaman, Sarah Busse & Ryder Collins will read)!

The point of the marathon is to raise money for Woodland Pattern (a great bookstore & community center which sponsors community readings & workshops & carries a lot of small press titles). If you haven’t pledged or sponsored & are willing to do so, you can make a pledge here at http://woodlandpattern.org/marathon_2015.shtml via PayPal (see the left side of the webpage). If you do pledge, be sure to let me know & thanks for those who already have! Hope to see you there!



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