Genderquerity performance @ UWM Sex & Gendra Spectra Conference 12/1 + Queer/Trans in Evening WIll Come

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Sharing genderqueer poems today @ the UWM Sex & Gendra Spectra Conference conference, 2:30-3:20pm, 4th Floor Conference Room @ Golda Meir Library

The Sex and Gender Spectra conference will address life beyond sex/gender binaries, including topics such as intersexuality, androgyny, genderquerity, the gender transition process, camp and drag, female masculinity and feminine men, gender policing, and multiple-gender cultural roles. The conference will feature panel presentations, a film screening, a series of exhibits of art and artifacts, and a keynote address by Dr. Katrina Karkazis, author of Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority and Lived Experience. Free and open to the public.


Thank you to TC Tolbert for including me in the Trans/Queer issue of Volta’s Evening Will Come! It gave me a chance to work on culling pieces from Dialektik Skool, the project I’ve been working (struggling) with for years into a (somewhat) shareable format for digestion. & I’m excited to share the company of talented friends such as Tamiko Beyer, Trish Salah, Oliver Bendorf, John Pluecker, Addie Tsai & more!


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