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Provincetown Gratitudes, Verse Wisconsin, dangerous sweetness, AAWW, HerKind, Writers of Color Book List

August 19, 2012

I’m writing this from the Fast Ferry, last glimpse of Provincetown and this very full month here as a Norman Mailer Center Poetry Fellow.

Gratitudes for the month by the sea. For the five of us poetry fellows (Nuar Alsadir, Amanda Calderon, Vanessa Falco, Amanda Lichtenberg & me) and our delicious conversations and Saturday night fellowship. For our Poetry Mentor Meena Alexander, for our assignments to resist and respond to, for generosity. For standing in strong current water. For chance meetings with other kindred writers (Shradha Shah, Jeff Chang). For Portuguese kale soup, kale Caesar salad (ok, a lot of excellent kale), for fish fry, for first encounters with husked tomatoes at the farmers’ market. For dune walks and visiting artists who are missing. For poetry and poetry and poetry wide as the ocean. For thunderstorm afternoons inside. For meeting my difficult self, my gentle self, my rough self, my angry self, my hurt self, my loved self. Gratitude.

For more about my month in Provincetown, read my dispatch for Norman Mailer Center’s blog about my month in Provincetown – a zuihitsu about “contending with [one’s] own creatures.”

Now back to Milwaukee now and to the rapidly approaching school year.

So much to share and catch up!

Since my last blog post, here are places where my words have found a home:

~ Check out online poems from the “Community” issue of Verse Wisconsin selected from WI Fellowship of Poets’ 2013 Calendar, edited by Wendy Vardaman & Sarah Busse, also including poems from Brenda Cardenas, Angela C. Trudell Vasquez, Margaret Rozga, Kim Blaeser & many other kickass poets! & prose about poetry communities including my zuihitsu about the importance of Kundiman community to my writing. With thanks to Wendy Vardaman & Sarah Busse!

~ dangerous sweetness, “an online collection of poems by queer & trans* poets responding with love & rage to the violence committed against those in their queer & trans* communities,” edited by Meg Day. You can also find poems by Amir Rabiyah, July Westhale, Tamiko Beyer, Tc Tolbert, Oliver Bendorf, Kimberly Dark & more!

~ AsianAmerican WritersWorkshop investigates my Q letter zuihitsu

~ Push Against the Restraint: A Conversation between myself, Evangeline Ganaden, Cristian Flores Garcia & Nikki Wallschlaeger for, curated by Arisa White

~ Also, a feature for Lady in the House on HerKind, curated by Rosebud Ben-Oni: my answers written in haibun form for VIDA’s Lady in the House.

& my follow-up blog post, a mutant zuihitsu.

Last, being a lover of lists (especially of book lists — send ’em my way!), I was glad to see this crowdsourced list of writers of color put together by Roxane Gay (& surprised & glad to be included on it!)

I encourage you to pick up an author you’ve never read on the list & to add/shout out some authors you have read in the just-as-equally-awesome comments section!