APA Best American Poetry Round-up, interview up @ Litseen, LGBTQ Showcase @ Foxglove Gallery!

Thanks again to Kenji Liu for curating a thought-provoking week for Asian Pacific American month at Best American Poetry blog and for including me in the line-up!

Lines from writers who followed me in the series which resonated with me:

~ Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on “Sri Lankan Poetic Trauma Stewardship”: “To be a Sri Lankan writer in 2012 sometimes means living in an exhale.”

~ Andre Yang on being a Hmong American writer: “It’s one thing to be an ‘other’ writer whose physical traits are easily distinguishable, but when most people who meet me for the first time just assume that I’m Chinese/Japanese, a group of ‘others’ considered by mainstream America to be the “Model Minority,” I feel obliged to note my other-otherness. What’s doubly problematic about this, for me at least, is that according to Hmong oral history, the Chinese destroyed our written language, and now I’m being lumped in with this group of people who I look like, but have oppressed my people for thousands of years.“

~ Barbara Jane Reyes on “Resisting the Narrowing of Community”: “I believe community has everything to do with work ethic, practice, mutual respect and generosity, actual concrete work. My community is not ethnic specific. The folks that make up my community are plugging away, hustling for that next book contract, teaching, mentoring, reading. We engage in dialogue—”shop talk,” sure, about works in progress, about prospective publishers. But also about the issues that inform our work…. We share resources. We inspire one another. We don’t hoard, and we don’t use one another as strategic objects. The folks in my community are doing the best they can, and then they’re doing more.”

~ Our blog ringleader, Kenji Liu, closes the week with a musing on the intersection of gender and race in “Where Does My Body Live?”: “Good poetry can explore the sensations of gender and its enmeshment in social forces without being didactic. Juxtapositions, fertile tensions, the entire palette of human feeling–through rhythm, enjambment, punctuation, erasure–all the tools poets have are useful. Yet to keep it in the realm of personal experience is only half the process. The other half is to reveal, outline, and implicate the social forces we struggle against. All the multi-syllabic words that lead to didactic and cliche poetry–oppression, injustice, racism, patriarchy–these are placeholders, temporary stand-ins for the real meat of poetry. For me, poetry starts in the minutiae, in skillful showing, not just telling.”


In other writing news, an interview that I did with fellow writer July Westhale “Committed to Writing as a Regular Practice” is up at Litseen.


& I was just added to the line-up for the LGBTQ Artist Showcase Exhibition at the Foxglove Gallery, thanks to Foxglove board member, Alisa Streets!

LGBTQ Artist Showcase Exhibition Kick-off Event

Friday, June 1, 5-10:30pm

820 E. Locust St., Milwaukee WI

Spread the word, spread the love — We need your support!!!

June’s exhibition is all about Pride so come show yours and support our local artists in a fun, chill atmosphere! This exhibition is intended to showcase an array of talent and variety that exists within the local LGBTQ community through a variety of art work and talent.

The full exhibition runs Friday, June 1st through Monday, June 25th. Our exhibit kick-off event on opening night will be held on Friday, June 1st from 5pm-10:30pm at Foxglove gallery. The kick-off event is a prime outlet for showcasing such talent as live music and performance. Drinks and hor d’oeuvres will be provided. 🙂 $3 suggested donation, 100% of which goes right back into the space.

Come for the art, stay for the fun!
Our events are laid-back, casual, welcoming to all, fun, and friendly!

Foxglove Gallery is a local, gallery collective solely funded by donations and run by a core group of volunteers with a mission to highlight and enhance accessibility to art in our community.

You’ll also be able to check out some of our artists’ showcase Fri-Sunday at Pride Fest this year in the PrideFest Wom!nz Spot!

Also, Guerrilla Grrl Bar Takeover will be joining us the night of our exhibition kick-off on Friday, June 1st!


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