Yael Villafranca’s 7107 collaborative poetry project

A collaborative poetry writing opportunity.  I’m going — hope to see you there with your words! 🙂
7107: A Collaborative Poetry Project

Welcome to 7107, a collaborative poetry project beginning January 2, 2012.
This project is inspired by Ching-In Chen’s Collaborative Manifesto Remix last summer, in which participants wrote poetry from shared generative prompts. I found the experience of writing in collaboration incredibly inspiring, and as the days went on, full of surprise and amazement at the works that were developing. As someone who has gained so much from the generosity of various communities, I’d like to take my turn, in this small way, by opening a space for collaboration and creative work to happen.
Every day from January 2-18, I’ll post a generative prompt or question. If you’d like to participate, please post your response and a prompt or question for the following day in the comments.
In Ching-In’s words:

You can answer in whichever way you are moved to — off-the-cuff, improvisationally, in deep meditation, whichever feels right to you. I’ll ask you within your writing response to braid the words of either another participant or writer/artist (other than yourself) in your writing in some way, to honor the collaborative intent of the project, and to credit that other writer/artist by name at the end of your writing (unless that person would rather remain anonymous).

My hope is for each person to bring a spark.

My hope is for each person to open a door or window for another.
Please feel free to invite anyone else who may be interested and direct them to this page. If you have limited internet access, or if the comment system is down, you can send your work and prompt to arkipelagirl [at] gmail.com, and I’ll post for you when the comments are fixed. Questions and concerns can also be sent via email or the Ask Box.
I look forward to what we can build together.


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