8.25.11 how to offer gratitude. Collaborative generating to infinity and beyond!

dear lovely ones,

gratitude for your energies, your sharings, your
generosities, your uglies, your little and expansive bitters,
your writing through the nights, your browns, your
beauties, your afternoon slumbers, your bruises, your
breakfast mornings, your laughs, your solitudes and of
course, of course, your words. For those of you who
showed up every day, for those who were able to make it
for one day, and for those of us who occupy that sliding
space in-between, thank you. I'm leaving millay colony
this morning with you tucked in my backpocket. 

For this last post, I want to say, I hope this is not the last
time we write and create in the path together and I hope
to see your collaborations out in the world & in the street!

As Bushra says, “and wouldn’t you feel lucky in all this magic?”
 Thank you. <3!
today, onlookers meant to write this poem
waking up to trumpet vine world.

You can be proper body, even people who question
the nation. I am sick, I don't want
their eyes heard, only trains platinum
in their grammar. We every trickster peel
upstream night that do not know shame. 

Leave me humid

born without the proper

name loved to night.

Promptings for your writings:I feel sad and dehumanized when viewed in terms of my
utility instead of who I truly am.” - Soyeon Cho


Improv Everywhere: 



  …. And you,

who cannot keep still, who can never

look back, where will you go next?

How will I find you?

Can you feel the world pull

apart, the seams loosen?

What, tell me, will keep it whole,

if not you? if not me?

Send a postcard, picture, tell me

how you’ve been.

 - Blas Falconer (who was born on this day), from “Dear Friend”


“The J. Paul Getty Museum’s iconic statue of Aphrodite
was quietly escorted back to Sicily by Italian police, ending
a decades-long dispute over an object whose craftsmanship,
importance, and controversial origins have been likened to
the Parthenon marbles in the British Museum.” ~ LA Times,
March 23 2011
(via Carol Gomez)

Two more prompts (I’m sad this is ending. Thank you again,

Ching-In and all who have participated!):

*Frida’s Corset:


Wasteland Documentary Trailer

(via Rachelle Cruz)


1) what are the sounds of respect / beauty / sharing?
2) is all writing collaborative writing…

(via Hari Malagayo Alluri)


and my prompt!
especially the last part which I’ve been living and loving. .

(via Bushra Rehman)


come morning walls melt – Clarissa Rojas

the drum: 

(via Clarissa Rojas)


In honor of our sacred space here, my prompt today has to

do with spaces of art that face challenges and find ways to

survive. This is a trailer from the documentary,

“Unfinished Spaces,” on the National Schools of Art in Cuba.


(via Evangeline Ganaden)


10 Responses to “8.25.11 how to offer gratitude. Collaborative generating to infinity and beyond!”

  1. serena w. lin Says:

    if not you? if not me?

    Send a postcard, picture, tell me

    how you’ve been.

    – Blas Falconer (who was born on this day), from “Dear Friend”

    “I feel sad and dehumanized when viewed in terms of my utility instead of who I truly am.” – Soyeon Cho


    your name
    whether viewed
    from back –
    or –
    from front
    is Friend.

    Thanks to all the wonderful poets, magicians, and alchemists who have participated. Ching-In, thank you for the dissolving of many selves into art. Blessings, I am truly going to miss all of you and especially this project. Love, Serena

  2. Monica Hand Says:

    Today I recalled the last 4 years of my life by re-reading “sent” email messages still loaded on my computer. I re-lived applying for and beginning MFA program and my brother’s death at 49 – both happened with one day of each other. Of the three closest friends I conversed with, only one is still my friend. Reading poems posted as attachments to messages, I realized my growth as a writer and my circling of the same themes and play with language and form. I only made it through one year. After reading through to Jan 2008, I had to stop.

    Once I realized the significance of these blogs, I started saving them. I am truly grateful to have been part of this collaboration. I apologize that my heart is so heavy with grief with the loss of my mother and that my body is bent by the weight of what has been a very intense four years.

    Your words (images, sounds, music,) have been healing magic.

    Much love, Monica

  3. toddw Says:

    Thanks to all. It has been lovely.

    – toddw.wordpress.com

  4. clarissa rojas Says:

    one more try for the love of word drum and you:
    en el callejón de mi abuela todo es inspiración

  5. racruzzo Says:


    We every trickster
    from front
    to back.
    We who cannot
    keep still.

    words from Serena Lin, Ching-In Chen, Blas Falconer, everyone here.

    This has been a hypnotic, beautiful experience. Thank you again to Ching-In for orchestrating these tremendous voices, and thank you all for your words and yes, your magic.

  6. Evangeline Says:

    lovelies humid uglies bruises
    we who occupy peel
    together magic
    born without proper
    but loved to night
    seams loose, apart and whole
    tell me alchemy

    In the language of my bones: Agyaman. Maraming Salamat.

  7. caroljg Says:

    shared words, pictures, letters, sound, memories
    will remain with me fused in heart and mind
    and free me to keep creating for no reason at all!

    terima kasih to all of you for the bits of you
    and to ching-in who held our bits together
    with so much love


  8. hari malagayo alluri Says:

    dead giveaway

    inside the always have to
    continue in opposition to
    cannot keep still unfinished
    spaces between afternoon
    timbres thank you
    for giving my uglies
    the impossibility of closure
    whether wound or dangerous door

    (there’s a roundabout on the way
    to controversial origins you total
    if you drive straight through)

    gratitude, h.

    cipher: all of you since this project’s inception who shared and prompted

    words from: ching-in, blas falconer, carol, la times, bushra, bill hicks, evangeline, national school of arts in cuba doc

    re-prompt: “remember to come back” – bill hicks

  9. clarissa rojas Says:

    tentacle words
    seers to the sea
    reach and
    the flight
    of heron’s
    between us

    en un mundo descomunal,
    siento mi fragilidad

    ever so grateful
    words rescue
    the drowning

    words: nacha pop

  10. hari malagayo alluri Says:

    aaaargh. forgot to include friend fayza in cipher.
    the error gives me a chance to say: there is a beauty in this project, magic, nourishment, grounding yet flight. thank you again. till. soon.

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