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Poets Invoked During Tweeting — Read a new poet today!

April 24, 2011

Thank you for the dear friends, admired poets & poetic strangers who I encountered during my guest day as a tweeting poet!  It was fun to talk poetry & I collected a new and wide reading list.  Since I was asked to make it public, here it is!  I apologize if I overlooked anyone’s contribution and I hope this encourages you to get to your local, community-based independent bookstore and pick up some new poetry titles!

Happy reading!



Poets Invoked During Ching-In’s Day of Guest Tweeting by POETSorg Community


Addonizio, Kim ~ Adisa, Opal Palmer ~ Ai ~ Alexie, Sherman ~Angelou, Maya ~ Apollionaire, Guillaume ~ Ashbery, John (“Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror”) ~ Bambrick, Courtney ~ Barnstone, Aliki (Bright Body) ~ Baudelaire, Charles ~ Benka, Jen ~ Bertram, Lillian ~ Birkelback, Alan (Rogue Waves) ~ Boettcher, Beth ~ Boland, Eavan ~ Bonair-Agard, Roger (Gully) ~ Borzutsky, Daniel (Book of Interfering Bodies) ~ Bozicevic, Ana ~ Boully, Jenny ~ Bradstreet, Anne ~ Brautigan, Richard ~ Brock-Broido, Lucie ~ Brown, Kurt (“Road Trip”) ~ Broumas, Olga ~ Canon, Moya ~ Carroll, Lewis ~ Carson, Ciaran ~ Chatwin, Bruce (The Songlines) ~ Conrad, CA ~ Cortez, Jayne ~ Creeley, Robert ~ Crozier, Lorna ~ Cummings, E.E. ~ Diaz, Natalie (Apotheosis of a Kiss) ~ Dickey, Laressa ~ Dickinson, Emily ~ Dickinson, Stephanie ~ Dove, Rita ~ Dunlop, Rishma ~ Eiseley, Loren ~ Eliot, T.S. (“Love Song of J.Alfred Prufock,” The Waste Land) ~ Ellis, Thomas Sayers ~ Emanuel, James A. ~ Ehrlichman, Shira ~ Espada, Martin ~ Foreman, Aricka ~ Ghalib, Mirza ~ Gibran, Kahlil ~ Gibson, Andrea ~ Girmay, Aracelis (“Here”) ~ Goodison, Lorna ~ Gottlieb, Daphne ~ Harris, Duriel E (Drag) ~ Hasanzedah, Farideh ~ Hofer, Jen ~ Homer ~ Hong, Ee Tiang ~ Howe, Susan ~ Hudgins, Andrew (“Praying Drunk”) ~ Hughes, Langston ~ Hull, Lynda (“Night Waitress”) ~ Hunt, Erica ~ Huyser, Cindy ~ Jess, Tyehimba (Leadbelly) ~ Joron, Andrew ~ Kaufman, Bob ~ Kearney, Douglas ~ Keillor, Garrison ~ Kinnell, Galway (Book of Nightmares) ~ Komunyakaa, Yusef (“Anodyne”) ~ Kuipers, Keetije ~ Laskey, Dorothea ~ Laux, Dorianne ~ Limon, Ada ~ Lorca (the Poema del Canto Jondo) ~ Lorde, Audre ~ Mark, Jeff ~ Mattawa, Khaled ~ McDaniel, Jeffrey ~ McGuckian, Medbh ~ McMorris, Mark ~ Medina, Tony ~ Meehan, Paula ~ Milton (Paradise Lost) ~ Mir, Stan ~ Mordecai, Pamela ~ Morrissey, Sinead ~ Mullen, Harryette ~ Naca, Kristin (Bird Eating Bird) ~ Nandy, June ~ Nash, Ogden ~ Neruda, Pablo ~ Pai, Shin Yu ~ Parker, Dorothy ~ Patel, Soham ~ Pineda, Jon ~ Plath, Sylvia ~ Poe, Edgar Allan (“Eldorado,” “Annabel Lee”) ~ Pound, Ezra (“Hugh Selwyn Mauberley”) ~ Prévert, Jacques ~ Qfraz ~ Rankine, Claudia (Don’t Let Me Be Lonely) ~ Reddy, Srikanth (Voyager) ~ Rich, Adrienne (Tonight No Poetry Will Serve) ~ Romtvedt, David (“Twenty-Five Vultures” from Some Church) ~ Sanchez, Sonia ~ Sandburg, Carl ~ Sapphire ~ Schiesser, Shubh ~ Seuss, Dr. ~ Sexton, Anne (Transformations) ~ Shah, Bullet ~ Shange, Ntzoke ~ Shepherd, Reginald ~ Shockley, Evie (The New Black) ~ Shumate, David (The Floating Bridge) ~ Siken, Richard (Crush) ~ Silverstein, Shel (“Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout”) ~ Simic, Charles (The World Doesn’t End) ~ singleton, giovanni ~ Sirowitz, Hal ~ Smith, Patricia ~ Spahr, Julianna ~ Sridhar, Suguna ~ Swami, Sridala ~ Thibodeaux, Sunnylyn ~ Valentine, Jean ~ Vazirani, Reetika ~ Voorkarra, Sharmilla ~ Xu’ong, Tran Te (“The New Year’s Season and Its Poetasters”) ~ Walcott, Derek (“The Schooner Flight”) ~ Waldman, Anne ~ Waring, Belle ~ Wheelock ~ White, Orlando (Bone Light) ~ Whitman, Walt (“Song of Myself”) ~ Williams, Saul ~ Wilson, Ronald (Poems of the Black Object) ~ Wolfe, Gene ~ Wright, Charles (Sestets) ~ Wright, Jay ~ Wyatt, Sir Thomas ~ Young, Gary

Poets Invoked By Ching-In

Beyer, Tamiko ~ Bitsui, Sherwin ~ Cárdenas, Brenda ~ Cha, Theresa Hak Kyung ~ Gambito, Sarah ~ Hong, Cathy Park ~ Jordan, June ~ Larissa Lai & Rita Wong (Sybil Unrest) ~ Kim, Myung Mi ~ Myles, Eileen ~ Oliver, Akilah ~ Perez, Craig Santos

Academy of Am Poets Twitter Poet, Asian American Literary Review, 2 Idiots anthology, Revolution Starts at Home anthology, MA Poetry Festival, Cream City Review WI labor protest issue!

April 23, 2011

Dear lovelies,

Am so relieved to see sun peeking around the corner these days.  Feeling more alive again & lots of activity to report.  Yay for spring!

Tomorrow, April 23, I’ll be the guest poet feeding the Academy of American Poets twitter feed for National Poetry Month.  You can follow here: & get the full schedule of guest poets here:


Was excited to get a whole bunch of goodies in the mail this month:

1) The beautiful Winter/Spring 2011 issue of The Asian American Literary Review has a portfolio of poems from my Shiny City project as well as work from Asian American writers I admire including Eric Gamalinda, Kimiko Hahn and Aimee Nezhukumatathil and an interview with Arthur Sze by one of AALR’s editors, Gerald Maa.  Order your copy!

2) Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: 10 years of 2 idiots peddling poetry anthology, edited by Steve Ramirez & Ben Trigg.  Another Shiny City poem, “Love with the Gravedigger,” has found a home here.  Ugly Mug in Orange County was one of the first venues in southern California where I read from The Heart’s Traffic and I was pleased to see many poet friends such as Neil Aitken,Eloise Klein Healy, Douglas Kearney, and Maureen Alsop included.  Check out the poetry series & get your copy.


Other news –

The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities anthology is at the printer and almost ready to be birthed!  This project is six years, many phone cards, multiple cities and life changes in the making and we’re so excited to be able to share it with you.  The anthology can be pre-ordered (with free shipping) at the South End Press website.   Our Tumblr website will feature mini-interviews with our amazing contributors & info about upcoming tour dates.  Right now, check out what contributors Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Vanessa Huang & Timothy Colman have to say about community accountability, transformative justice, anti-violence organizing, and creating community safety.

Upcoming tour dates to keep on your calendar:

Saturday, May 14, 7:30 PM, Bluestockings Books,172 Allen Street, NY

Sunday, May 15, 3 PM, Food for Thought Books, 106 North Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA (I’ll be at this one! :-))

Thursday, May 26, 7 PM, Toronto Women’s Bookstore, 73 Harbord Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2H7, Canada


I’ll be coming back to Massachusetts to participate in the Massachusetts Poetry Festival with my beloved poetry fam, Kundiman (as well as for the Food for Thoughts Revolution Starts at Home book party – see above).  I’ll be reading with Joseph Legaspi, Jee Leong Koh, Purvi Shah, and Bushra Rehman at the Peabody Essex Museum Morse Auditorium in Salem, MA , 3:15 – 4:30pm on Saturday, May 14.  More info here & about the Massachusetts Poetry Festival.


More soon to come, but for now, please spread the word for this special issue of the Cream City Review that I’m working on, dedicated to the labor protests in Wisconsin:

call for special section on worker’s rights: cream city review

cream city review is pleased to announce a special section for our
upcoming Spring 2011 issue:  “Dispatches from the Front: Labor and the
Fight For Worker’s Rights”

Do you have a recent, related experience that you would like to share with the world, whether protesting at the Capital in Madison or working in your community to support the rights of workers? We are seeking submissions of personal narrative, poetry, art, even fiction, that seeks to document the ongoing protest over the dissolution of workers’ rights in Wisconsin.

Ideally, we are looking for local Wisconsin voices that represent a wide range of communities and identities, but will also consider work from those in solidarity from around the world. We also welcome voices of protest from communities impacted by other recent policy enactment in Madison (cuts in health care, educations, etc…). Preference will be given to voices that have fewer resources for having their voice in print; cream city review will also seek to juxtapose those voices with work from published writers/journalists that offer a personal perspective on their experience.

We invite writers and artists to submit their work via our online
submission manager at

Please select the appropriate genre for your work, i.e. “Labor poetry”  or “Labor visual art,”etc.  Submissions selected for this special section will be published in or around May/June 2011. Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2011.

Founded in 1975, cream city review is a biannual literary journal, edited and published by graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We receive support form the Graduate Program in Creative Writing, private donations, and a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board. The journal is distributed nationally and internationally by Ingram Periodicals and can be found in independent and chain booksellers in the United States and Canada.  More information can be found at