Collaborative Poetries w/Flora Kao @ Writing the Desert, Asia Writes & Delirious Hem, Kundiman edition wrap-up!

Yesterday, at our last picnic for poetry workshop on the last day of classes of my MFA, I told my teacher Juan Felipe Herrera that had it not been for his poetry workshop that first quarter, I would have left this program.

Today, I put the finishing touches on my manuscript and have felt gratitude for all that I’ve come across here.  In this last year, I’ve been having a conversation with this particular landscape — the desert.  One of the beautiful things about this year has been being introduced to the stunning of work of visual artists like Noah Purifoy and Flora Kao — and engaging with their work through writing.  I’m also lucky that I’ve found writing peers who have been up for adventure, for fugue-ing with each other.

Six of us — Nicelle Davis, Evangeline Ganaden, Scott Hernandez, Kaitlin Manry, Jie Tian, & myself — have been writing poetic response to Flora Kao‘s desert paintings for the last few weeks & then Flora has returned the favor by creating visual images in response to our poems.  We will share some of this work as part of the Writing the Desert showcase on Friday night.

My favorite of Flora’s images made in response to our poems here:

Flora Kao's response to Writing the Desert Poetry

Writing the Desert

Literary Reading

June 4th 7-10pm

UCR Culver Center of the Arts

3834 Main Street

Riverside, CA 92501


or 951-827-1467

The Writing the Desert literary reading is an extension of UCR Sweeney Art Gallery’s collaboration with the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts project Dry Immersion 3 ( Writing the Desert brings together writers and visual artists interested in exploring the unique landscapes, ecologies, communities and aesthetic possibilities of the desert, with a special attention to the desert regions of Southern California.

The event will be a literary reading and display of artwork created by a group of writers and artists from Riverside during a one-month workshop and collaboration process. Featuring the work of Ricky Abity, Maureen Alsop, Khadija Anderson, Jackie Bang, Ching-In Chen, Nicelle Davis, Evangeline Ganaden, Scott Hernandez, Flora Kao, K. Wallace Longshore, Leora Lutz, Ruth Nolan, Nan Ma, Kaitlin Manry, Douglas McCulloh, Eric Shonkwiler, Jie Tian, Juan Valdivia and Masker Walters.


Also, new poems up this week at Asia Writes, a very supportive website for Asian writers writing in English.

& the final round of the Kundiman edition of Delirious Hem is up!  It’s been such a treat to read the words of my brilliant peers & their reflections/thinkings/engagements with their poetic lineages.  This final round features Alison Roh Park on survival tactics as a woman of color poet, Addie Tsai on discovering Sarah Gambito, R.A. Villanueva’s conversation with Janine Joseph on memory & poetics, Vanessa Huang on the Kundiman invocations for Melissa Roxas & Melissa Roxas on the Poetry of Evidence.


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