Fall Transit & News!

It’s been a busy fall — much en-route, in-between, lots of brief interactions, glimmers, catching up, new faces everywhere! Also, I’ve landed in a new house with a swimming pool & a work table with lots of light (so have been unintentionally weaning myself off coffee & frequenting the coffeeshop less!)

I was excited to get back to Riverside to focus on my Riverside project which I’ll be working on over the next year — a conversation between the buried history of Riverside Chinatown (http://www.saveourchinatown.org/) and an un-named “shiny city” of the future which is constantly regurgitating, recycling and cannibalizing itself to make itself anew. It’s an extracted part of the larger global history of coolies project that I’ve been thinking about since I got to Riverside.

Other news on my part:

* I was accepted into TeadaWorks’ Lab which will culminate in a March 2010 performance in TeadaWorks New Performance Festival at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center: http://www.teada.org/CurrentSeason.html
I’m hoping to develop a poem-play performance that will be part of my Riverside Chinatown project through this lab.

* I just got the current issue of make/shift in the mail, which is a home for 2 new poems, “This Girl” and “Arrestable”: http://www.makeshiftmag.com/

* Also, Terry Hong reviews The Heart’s Traffic in Bookdragon (Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program): http://bookdragon.si.edu/2009/09/24/the-hearts-traffic-by-ching-in-chen/

* Last, I’ll be making some appearances at the West Hollywood Bookfair this Sunday! Hope to see you there!

West Hollywood Bookfair, Sunday 10/4
Poetry Readings from Red Hen Press
11:45am-12:15pm (book signing 2-2:50pm)
with Doug Kearney, Jamey Hecht & Brendan Constantine

Poemeleon Reads
with Jeannine Hall Gailey, Robert Krut, Michelle Bitting, Chella Courington & Paul Lieber


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