Interpretative Fragments: Asian/American Creative Showcase of UCR Graduate Work

The Mellon Group for Asian/American Literary & Cultural Studies in the 21st Century presents:

Interpretative Fragments, from Diasporic Dust to Memorized Confession: an Asian/American Creative Showcase of Graduate Work
Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Time: 3:30pm-5pm
Location: HMNS 1500
The participants: Ching-In Chen, Vanessa Hua, Noel P. Mariano, Alison Minami, Patricia Rosales, Judy Soo Hoo, Jie Tian & Aloha Tolentino

Ching-In Chen is the author of The Heart’s Traffic (Arktoi Books/Red Hen Press). Daughter of Chinese immigrants and a Kundiman Fellow, Ching-In has worked in the Asian American communities of San Francisco, Oakland. Ching-In’s poem-film, We Will Not Be Moved!: A Story of Oakland Chinatown, was screened as part of the 2004 National Queer Arts Festival. Ching-In is the co-editor of the zine, The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Partner Abuse in Activist Communities, and is currently co-editing an anthology on militarism, gender and war from the perspectives of girls, women and non-gender-conforming people of color with a collective of women of color based in Riverside.

Vanessa Hua is a second year MFA fiction candidate at UCR. She is winner of the 2008 Atlantic Monthly student fiction prize. Previously, she worked as a journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle,Hartford Courant, and Los Angeles Times. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is the daughter of Chinese immigrants.

Noel P. Mariano is the author of A Girl Named Hemingway Lee, which was an honorable mention in Seven Point Star Press’s 2007 Poetry Chapbook competition. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Noel is a currently a MFA graduate student in Creative Writing where he helped edit and produce the first national “Coming Out Monologues,” an activist theatre project dealing with the LGBT community. When not spending time writing, teaching or volunteering time for various grassroots social justice organizations, Noel serves as the editor of Circumlocution Literary, an online literary magazine focused on publishing poetry, fiction, essays and artwork and showcasing reviews and interviews pertaining to young writers. You can visit it here: He was just awarded a Kundiman Asian American Poetry Fellowship.

Alison Minami is from Brookline, MA. She has worked as a waitress, high school teacher, adjunct writing professor, and crisis counselor. She likes performing and has worked with the Pan Asian Repertory Theater and UC Riverside’s Theater.

Patricia Rosales is a Chinese/Filipino American fiction writer who was raised in the San Fernando Valley and currently lives in Los Angeles. Influenced by her father who worked in film and television, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree at USC’s School of Cinema Television. For eight years she worked in both the film and television as a writer’s and producer’s assistant before deciding to return to her love of prose. She is currently working on a collection of short stories as a Creative Writing MFA candidate at UC Riverside.

Judy Soo Hoo is working on a novel, The Mysteries of George, about a family patriarch, Moon, the founder of the dusty Arizona town of George, who vanishes. His son has dreams of turning the town into a pagoda-water resort for tourists. The specter of the missing Moon hovers over the town. Her fiction has been published in the Santa Clara Review.

Jie Tian is a first-year MFA in Poetry at UC Riverside. A native of China, she came to the US in the early 1990s, and is now exploring her roots and inheritance, memory and migration, and the nature of art and poetry through her writings.

Aloha Tolentino emerged from a queer, male, immigrant Filipino’s nostalgic memory of enacting Ms. Universe pageants in his living room. Exclusively performing at UC Riverside’s “Dragalicious Drag Ball” these past five years, Aloha hopes to create more work that could reach different audiences. Her partially closeted male identity graduated cum laude and received his bachelor’s degrees in music and English in 2002. He is enjoying his second year as a master’s student in the Southeast Asia: Text, Ritual, Performance program at UC Riverside.

~ Refreshments will be Served ~


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