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Hello world!

September 23, 2008

Declarations from the beginning of fall quarter this year —


Today, I am the realization that it’s been way too long since I’ve done my declarations.  Today, I am the realization of a full day at the coffeeshop, perched on the red velvet couch.  Today, I am the realization that no matter how hard I try to break out of it, I am deadline-driven.

I am being a heavy lap-top user.  I am being a transplant.  I am being a Chinese poet on punk, according to JFH.

I am releasing pantry moths.  I am releasing the whining black fat cat that does not belong to me but lives with me in the house.  I am releasing NYC desires.  I am releasing FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out. I am releasing my hair that I shed and released in the ocean.  I am releasing the undone errands still piling up. I am releasing the unfortunate fact that the poetry workshop I am teaching conflicts with grad poetry workshop.

I am creating a music mix of September for 21 other fierce and lovely APIA poets.  I am creating the conditions for change in my life.

What I love about my life is that I have over 300 library books in my room and that’s ok.  I love synchronicity.  I love having hotpot with my family even though it was hot summer.  I love reading about the people of paper.  I love getting back to my work.  I love dreaming up itineraries.  I love being reminded what community I come from and how they will support me. I love goodreads.  I love my fauxhawk and the swirlies.  I love that my music mix creation is making me listen to Jean Grae, Me’Shell, Sheila Chandra, Sparlha Swa, Blue Scholars, Maxwell, Mystic, and From Monuments to Masses.  I love that I smuggled a whole gaggle of chapbooks from my spoken word days back to Riverside.  I love liner notes.  I love the small bird ornament that greets me when I come home.  I love that I believe I survived Saturn’s Return.  I love getting to know about Riverside Chinatown history.  I love planning a field trip for my class.  I love slivers and small tastes.  I love the feeling of arriving and landing. I love having regular access to a gym again.  I love the taste of pumpkin.  I love sultry female singers. I love urgent poems.   I love bending Mike Atienza’s ear & getting shown his fancy costumes.  I love getting away from the rain.

I celebrate and nurture my existence as convener and project-maker, queen of the to-do list.  I celebrate and nurture the small voice in me.  I celebrate and nurture the intention of change.